Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Great" Britain's March into Dystopia

Mr. Cameron wants to protect the children from the horror that is porn, or so he claims. Of course, everybody with half a brain knows that the filter system -from which one can opt out at least for a while - is directed at much more than just porn.

The German media seems quite puzzled that the British seem to accept that their freedom is being reduced. For example FAZ thinks that one cannot score many political points by "supporting open access" to porn, which leads to "little resistance", and sees GB in the "good company" of Iran and Saudi-Arabia.

Still, some might be surprised that it is a coalition that includes self proclaimed Liberal-Democrats pushing for a nanny-state clearly imposing conservative values on everybody, who does not opt-out (while that is still possible). Sadly, liberalism today is about inflicting economic pain on the weak (students in GB), while accepting ever increasing state power. Hayek must be spinning in his grave. The nanny-state is not just interested in protecting children, their parents, most people in relationships, all women and lazy male singles from porn, though. Other filtered contend will probably include, according to Wired:
  • violent material
  • esoteric material
  • suicide and eating disorder related websites
  • extremist content
  • and of course material showing how to circumvent blocking (and total surveillance since both is achieved the same way)
Mr. Cameron does not talk about these other issues. The goal seems to be to use women to prevent men from opting out of censorship by declaring it is about porn. Actually, I have to applaud him for that excellent strategy, I think this will work just fine. The only ones opting out will be some single men.

The censorship tools child protection system will of course be implemented in part by a Chinese company, for China is a great success story when it comes to finding the delicate balance between civil liberties and security.

To anybody that likes movies, Britain's march into a censorship and surveillance state should be expected. There seem to be two types of movies coming from the island:
  1.     violent comedy in the form of Snatch, and Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels among others
  2.    dystopian movies about fighting against a totalitarian state in England. The best known examples are V for Vendetta, Children of Men and of course the cinematic adaption of 1984 (haven't seen that one)
Therefore, what we know of GB is that it is a funny, but violent country, full of royal babies that can spin their head 360° and defy gravity, which is headed for a totalitarian regime (oh and that England just cannot win a World Cup without really shady goals, of course). Well known  movies about Germany are about the "Untergang" (demise) of totalitarian states past, the "Life of the Others" in and the few people trying to safe some victims (Schindler's list) of such monstrosities. I am really puzzled that there is movie after movie about the horror of future GB totalitarianism, while every party seems to be working towards the goal of increasing the surveillance state (Do I even have to mention Tempora).

But fear not, further "reforms" to the NHS will eventually prevent the "Road to Serfdom" that is general health care, while total surveillance and censorship will keep the citizens safe from extremist content like free speech and esoteric material like Islam and atheism (for everybody knows that it is just another pagan religion). porn and terrorists.

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