Thursday, July 18, 2013

German Media and PRISM

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Sueddeutsche isn't happy that the German government only reacts to media report,s and did not mention that it had knowledge of a "second" PRISM, "that is possibly not identical to the first PRISM." Spiegel initially seems to buy the second PRISM story and says that it might be a:

P lanning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management.

[Of course it might also be a

Partnership for Research Integrity in Science & Medicine
or a
Photo Reconnaissance Intelligence Strike Module]
But, since both PRISM's seem to do exactly the same thing are both NSA programs and access the same data bases ,according to Bild, it seems rather unlikely that we are actually talking about two different programs.The Spiegel article then becomes less and less convinced of the two PRISMs story. To go on to say that Minister of the Interior Friedrich is now not sure anymore that the NSA isn't conducting industrial espionage in Germany, but GOOD NEWS not five but seven terrorist attacks have been "prevented" in Germany[ 2+2=7 or something I guess. Well, he probably realized that one cell can commit more than one attack. Therefore he could actually from now on increase the number at will. My guess is 11 is next and 13 the day after.]

Welt, Bild's less hideous looking sister newspaper, shows its face without make-up on, and speculates about a pill, invented by the KGB, that has already made Snowden tell all his secrets. But, since it also makes him forget about that, we will never ever know. [OK it is only one op-ed writer but if you want to be a reputable newspaper your by far top rated reader comment on one of your pieces shouldn't be "Nonsense, under drugs, as if he had memorized everything, it is on a data medium and not in Snowden's head, you are making s*** up.[..]" ]

FAZ [google translates a word in the headline to liar but it should be rattler] praises the oversight over the NSA by the Senate, allot. FAZ claims that our legislative counterpart is "rattling" because they have no power. [They seem to believe that mentioning oversight more often will change the facts that we are a target and in the eyes of the US constitution have no rights. True, the current process where our G10 commission is basically only informed about specifics if the executive branch wants to, is absolutely unacceptable, but that does not make the US oversight sufficient when it comes to Germans.]

TAZ goes all out on cynicism:

The Minister of the Interior informs TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES YOU MORONS!

[Sadly google translate turns the article into something about rappers selling porridge and even decides to change Friedrich's last name. I have written about most of the things mentioned (fantasy SUPER basic rights made up by Friedrich e.g.)]

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