Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All new PRISM

The German government pretended to be surprised that a program called PRISM exists. Well, they lied: Bild, the biggest tabloid in Europe and usually a good soldier for the cause of Merkels party, has published a document sent to Bundeswehr officials amongst others, detailing that:

All COMINT nominations submitted outside of PRISM must be resubmitted into PRISM IOT extend the nominations past 15 SEPT 11.
The document also mentions that this PRISM is used for surveillance of e-mails and  telephones. Why, you might ask, do I write the obvious again? Today a spokesperson for Chancellor Merkel claimed that this PRISM is a different PRISM (my translation):

The program that was mentioned today by the Bildzeitung, called PRISM is a NATO/ISAF-program, which is not identical to the PRISM program of the NSA.

even though it is used for exactly the same purpose and is obviously a NSA program:
The director NSA delegated SIGINT Operation Tasking Authority to US Central Command (USCENTCOM) Headquaters (HQ)
 So let's get this straight: we are talking about a program which is in direct connection to the NSA, does largely the same as the original PRISM, but is not PRISM. Well, it is PRISM, but a different PRISM. Something.. stuff yadayada. Even I can tell myself lies that I am more likely to believe than this.

The Minister of the Interior Friedrich called security a "super-fundamental-right" (of course there is nothing like that in our constitution), a right standing above all others, and also advised every citizen to use encryption. I guess that for him it is necessary to be able to " be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic[..]."

Merkel will most likely be re-elected in September. This means that Friedrich, the man who told us a about the "FIVE" terrorist attacks that were "prevented" will most likely have the same job for four more years, fully aware of this they don't even seem to try to sound truthful. Their voters don't care, they are old and scared of basically everything new. So he knows he can get away with telling stuff about the "super-fundamental-right" to watch every citizen at every time security. The Angst of the dying generation will bring us closer to a future where the state knows everything there is to know about everybody, to use against them at a time and in a way they the US gevernment sees fit. It is just depressing to see that there isn't even any effort put into telling plausible lies, anymore.

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