Monday, September 16, 2013

Mommy, The Mean Kids Are All Throwing Curveballs Again

So, the UN presented their findings on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. They did not provide any new insight on who fired those weapons still, the USA, Aistrip One formerly known as "Great" Britain, and France have all come out and out of thin air claimed that this is the case.

The only argument they have seems to be that only Assad would have been able to use those weapons. This time they don't even provide any awful rendered videos (well perhaps they will in the future). Even the BND (the German intelligence service) claimed to have recorded someone who thinks that Assad is responsible and that person might or might not be a Hezbollah fighter.

This is Iraq all over again. The BND was the one who provided that lyer known as Curveball, who served to provide the US with a bogus Casus Belli. Just like back then the media is jumping on the non-existent evidence to also claim that it could have only been Assad.

The only actual difference that I can see is that this time it is Zerohedge who are questioning the non-evidence, while Paul Krugman seems to have turned off his conscience. The German media just does not care I think. Spiegel, SZ, FAZ all just copy paste the US claims. This time will be different, I guess.

Nobody has provided anything that even hints at it making sense for Assad to use chemical weapons. He was actually on the offensive. The only way he could lose the war in the long term was using chemical weapons, so why in the world should he have attacked, what seems to have been random civilians? It just does not make sense whatsoever. The second part of the allegations seems to be that only Assad would have been capable of using those weapons. Why? Because. Nobody seems to be able to imagine that defectors could be responsible, or some heart eating rebel group (look even Glenn Beck seems to have more of a conscience at the moment than other people)  just sat down and read the manual after gaining access to those weapons.

Currently, there seems to be a chance that the situation might be solved without "Western" intervention, but they will jump on the next chance to claim that some new red line was crossed by Assad; and then the claim that it was the dictator who ordered the stirke will have been repeated so often that most actually believe it.

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