Sunday, September 29, 2013

First major victory for ICSIF

The International Conspiracy To Sap And Impurify Our Precious Bodily Fluids (ICSIF) has achieved its first major victory. (I wonder why almost nobody read that post) Italy probably does not have a government able to do its job anymore, now that Berlusconi has withdrawn his ministers from their post. Prime minister Letta will try to find a solution next week, but it seems unlikely that anything but new elections are possible. 

Beppe Grillo could be quite happy that the "establishment" is just as incompetent and unpatriotic as he always claimed.  His five star movement, which looked like it was getting weaker, will now be stronger than ever. He rightly wrote that "what has died is democracy" in his recounting of the events that led to this government, which was bound to fail from the beginning. 

How are the other fronts that ICSIF is fighting on looking?

  • Nothing new on the western front: the republicans will most likely force a shutdown of the US government. Stan Collender sees a 90 percent chance that it will happen.
  • Greece banned a protest march by special forces reservists, who seemed to be calling for a revolution. They are also arresting members of the neo-Fascist Golden Dawn party
  • In Germany the euro and Europe play absolutely no role at the moment. The after election talks are about if Germany should increase the top tax rate or not. All parties seem to think that we are some kind of island that cannot be affected by the chaos that we caused and which surrounds us. 
 Oktober will be a very interesting month. It is quite understandable that Greek citizens are extremely disenchanted by the German election result. Germans have likely voted for four more years of destruction in Greece.The ICSIF might just win if Greece becomes less stable and the German Constitutional Court decides that the Bundesbank cannot participate in the ECB's OMT program.

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