Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's Happening In Germany?

  • New report lauds East German development (Deutsche Welle): Actually, it highlights that the Eastern states are still not even close to the west 23 years after the re-unification. This is a lesson that the other eurozone members should think about. The Eastern states are still significantly weaker eventhough trillions of euros were transfered there.
  • EADS Works Council Urges Caution on Job Cuts From Defense Revamp (Bloomberg): EADS might cut up to 8,000 jobs. The story is lacking one key fact. The management of some of the military programs like the A400M was, well, not all that good to put it extremely mildly. AN70 for example is not only just half the price, it can also carry a heavier payload over longer distances.  
  •  Euro-Area Factory Production Accelerates as China Cools (Bloomberg): That report could have and probably should have been called: Germany the only country doing OKish in the eurozone. So not really news, but I would like to add a bit of perspective on industrial production in the eurozone :
I think it is time to pronounce the patient dead.

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