Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A few interesting stories

Jeff Jarvis compares the reporting of British and US media outlets with that of German ones on the eavesdropping scandal and the destruction of hard drives at the Guardian. One caveat: the demonstrations were rather small in Germany. Google streetview caused a much bigger uproar. This might have to do with vacations, but since it also does not seem to make any difference in polls it does not - at this moment - seem like a story the public really cares about. (English) via
Der Spiegel's take on the above story. (English)
Deutsche Welle on the prescription data scandal in Germany. Prescription data is being sold but it is not properly anonymised, making it easy to identify the patient. (English)
Deutsche Welle discussing some problems the German Bundeswehr is encountering in its attempt to move away from a conscription army concept to a professional army. (English) My take: there is no way back. In the last years of the draft it had become blatantly unconstitutional. It was a lottery scheme. Most of my male friends, the same age weren't drafted, so, they needed to reform the military service to avoid a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court.

A few google translate links:

SZ talks about the truth about additional aid for Greece coming out in slices.
Zeit has a good article on the immigration to Germany from Romania and Bulgaria, which are among the poorest EU countries.
Wolfgang M√ľnchau on the party program of the Greens. He says that the Greens are the only party which was able to make an apt analysis of the causes of the eurozone problems. I looked at the CDU "Government Program" earlier month. It was an absolutely horrible read. They want a lot of thing; and that is it.

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