Saturday, June 29, 2013

EU Terrorists

We all know that a) PRISM only targets terrorists and b) you are one if you have something to hide. As it turns out, according to Spiegel, the EU are a bunch of terrorists that want to keep their secret plots for themselves. The NSA is, of course, acting only within the law of the USA, and would never spy on allies, if they didn't have good reason to believe that this would prevent the next attack. We know that PRISM has already prevented 50 plots. Let me emphasise that again: exactly 50 terrorist attacks have been prevented, and unlike the 7 billion the Irish bankers wanted, that isn't a number that was picked out of somebody's arse.

German Minister of the Interior Friedrich called critics of the program "naive" and "anti-American". In an interview with Welt am Sonntag he also said that he has no reason to believe that the NSA is not adhering to law and order. Oh wait, was like sooo two weeks ago. Today his naive and anti-American-terrorist party colleague Manfred Weber (according to Spiegel he is also a "security expert"- I guess the skill ceiling isn't all that high in that area of expertise) complained about the NSA spying on EU citizens politicians because it is "unacceptable if their everyday lives a spied upon". Coalition partner Brok assessed that it is difficult to "negotiate if you have to be affraid that your position is wiretapped."Riiight! If that were what's happening we could end up buying drones for hundreds of millions that are not allowed to fly in European airspace, or something.

My position is that bugging EU officials shows that the private sector is much more efficient than anything government does. It is obviously a waste of time to spy on these people. The decision finding process within the EU is totally randomized. What does it help to know that the insight, that structural reforms solve every problem, was developed by banging one's head against a wall for an hour, which also led to the believe "Americans: FRIENDS!"?

Merkel, you will most likely be reelected please, please, please choose ministers that don't say stuff that is stupid when they say it and becomes utterly ridiculous two weeks afterwards. Also, you might want to get rid of the person that said:

The internet is for us all new land
 And went on to explain that it is about a balance of security interests and - I kid you not - "easygoingness". Oh hmmm wait, that was Merkel herself. Well, I guess that the lightheartedness of EU officials is over, which is good, since perhaps their next plot to destroy the lives of even more citizens in Europe, can be stopped with the help of our "American friends".

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