Friday, April 5, 2013

Didn't write in a while

I haven't written anything in a week. Sorry for that. News in Germany was also very slow over Easter. I think my last post trying to show that there is a more positive resonance in the German media for the anti-euro-party AfD after the Cyprus "rescue" began than before, even though I made the horrible mistake of using an old interview, showed some discussion worthy points. For example: the FAZ actually had a rather positive comment about Lucke shortly before the final Cyprus deal(Yeah, I checked this time I got the year right). I am actually still seeing a more positive overall reception of the AfD at the moment.

In other news: the neo-Nazi NPD has significant financial problems. I have written about the attempts to ban the party which, as it turns out, might not have been necessary at all. Neither a bankruptcy nor a ban will make the ideology go away, so this is one of the few times, that I agree with FDP party leader Rösler who stated: "One cannot illegalize stupidity." In the end, they will either found a new party or become part of another fringe group.

Again, sorry for the silence on my part, I will get back to a schedule of writing at least one post a day.

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