Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just a Reminder

"Merkel is Hitler" is not an argument, "Merkel is just like Hitler" is also not an argument. This nonsense - in German eyes - just destroys any justified criticism you might have had. The only result you will get is a massive push back. Looking through the letters to the editor in a newspaper today, I only found people defending Merkel. Not one talked about policy. They were all about various Nazi nonsense, and some called for an end to all help, with others going so far to call for a break up of the EMU.

This reaction should be expected by anybody who has ever discussed on the internet or in general. You call one side Hitler and no matter what your other ideas were, this is the only thing that will be remembered. For example Juan Torres López had in his comment some interesting and discussion worthy statements. He also compared current German policy to Hitler's. See for yourself what happened.

So should your plan be to cause an end to the EMU, by decreasing German support, then you are on the right path, if you call Merkel Hitler. If not you are doing it wrong. How come people don't get, that if you demonize the other side, they will push back equally hard.

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